How To Make A Professional Toner Sprayer

You’ll need a sprayer from one of our 4oz bottles:


You’ll need a full 16oz bottle of our Rose Water:


You’ll need the professional sprayer attachment:


You'll need the Mini Air Compressor (Nebulizer Machine):



Disregard the asthma Nebulizer attachments to the mini air compressor.

Unscrew the sprayer from our toner bottle. Next, remove the clear spray hose from our 4oz bottle toner bottle.

Next unscrew the black nozzle from the mini sprayer bottle. Then remove the clear hose from the mini sprayer bottle. NOTE* DO NOT REMOVE THE RED HOSE FROM THE MINI SPRAYER BOTTLE!

Next take the clear hose from our 4oz Toner bottle and firmly stick it into the red hose on the mini sprayer nozzle.

Next you can now screw your new modified sprayer on to a bottle of our 4oz toner or onto a bottle of our 16oz toner. 

Next attach one end of your hose (red or black, it doesn't matter) onto your mini air compressor and the other end of your hose to your newly modified sprayer. Turn your mini air compressor on. Now adhust the sprayer valve to desired mist output. 

Now you're spraying like a pro! 🥳

You’re Welcome,


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