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FroXen™ By: Ronnie - Hyaluronic Acid Silk Sheet Mask

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*Note These Are Not The Clear Collagen Sheet Mask You May Have Recently Seen On Ronnies Instagram.

Our New FroXen Hyaluronic Silk Sheet Mask. This cool refreshing, triple action, moisturizing mask hydrates the skin and locks in moisture while toning and firming the skin. Great for all skin types, including acne prone skin.

Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Essence and Cruelty Free Snail Slime are the 3 main components in this mask formulated by Ronnie.

Use a couple times a weeks for noticeably deep replenishment and revitalization of your skin. 

How To Use:

Apply A very THIN Layer of Emu Serum or a Serum Of Your Choice To A Freshly Cleansed Face. 

Open Packet, Leaving The Mask In The Packet.

Squeeze Excess Liquid From The Packet Into The Palm Of Hand. Rub Liquid All Over Your Face Avoiding The Eyes. (*Tip: Now Would Be a Good Time to Use Your FroXen Globes to Massage In The FroXen Liquid To Your Face.) 

Now Take The Mask Out Of The Packet. Unfold Slowly and Gently As You Do Not Want to Rip Your Mask. The Mask has 3 Parts to it. First Peel Off the BLUE back of the mask and throw it in the trash. You will See the Silk Mask once Blue Part has been removed. Now Apply Mask to your Face while The White Plastic Back Is Still Attached To Mask. 

Adjust mask to your face. Once The mask is adjusted, Peel off the white plastic back slowly and discard of it. Continue to adjust silk mask to face until all air bubbles are gone and the mask lies smoothly on your face. 

Allow to sit for 15 minutes before peeling off.